Welcome to the site!

Hi, I’m James Kuht.

I’m an RAF Doctor by background, but have been granted extraordinary flexibility over the last few years to pursue my passion for the intersection between technology, healthcare and, latterly, the military in general.

The purpose of this site is to collate my work and open myself up to challenge and alternate thinking. I would be delighted if you engage constructively in challenging any of my work, preferably commenting on the posts, or alternatively emailing or tweeting me.

My work mainly relates to:

  1. My Blogs: I’ve written a four blog series on my 18-months at the jHub/jHubMed. This is probably a good place to start.
  2. Reimagining Defence Podcast: In 2020, myself & a close friend Henry Willi, set out to create a series of 7 short podcasts that explored how we might use exponential technologies such as Machine Learning, Cloud Computing & Internet of Things to Reimagine Defence. You can listen to these and read the scripts on this site.
  3. The Military Medicine Podcast – in this podcast Matt Kain & I interview a guest each month who offers an innovative approach to Medicine, and relate it to the military. Former guests include; Eric Topol (world-famous Cardiologist & best-selling author on the intersection between AI & Healthcare), Hugo Harper (Director of the Nudge Unit, formerly part of 10 Downing Street) and Peter Homa (Director General of the DMS).
  4. Book reviews: I try to summarise/review the most important/relevant books I’ve read.

Thanks for visiting, James


The Dark Side of Data

With my recent move to a Data Science team & acknowledging that my recent reading has been overwhelmingly data-optimistic, I thought I’d take a recommendation from an analyst colleague of a book that is quite the opposite – “Weapons of Math Destruction”, by Cathy O’Neil. Below follows my summary of it, followed by a one-page …

#4 Personal Development

The law of compound interest (that a 1% improvement in your knowledge each day would make you doubly smart within 70 days) makes a compelling case for investing in your personal development. In this blog we explore some tactics for doing so!