About me


I joined the RAF in 2007, going to Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College, then attending Oxford University to study Medicine, intercalating in Medical Science (Physiology). After doing my Foundation Doctor Years in North Yorkshire, I started teaching myself how to build web applications, refreshing my stats and learning some ML (Machine Learning). 

Having built an ML-powered decision aid to help Field Medics diagnose NFCI (Trench Foot), I was recruited to the jHub (a “secretive” innovation lab) and started working on a few innovation projects within the military.

I was lucky to work with, and for, some incredible people during that time. Personal successes included building an AI/coding scheme which has now upskilled >1000 military personnel, building a Mixed Reality simulator with KBR & Microsoft which has now been fully funded, and trialling a cutting edge wearable-connected app for delivering Musculoskeletal injury rehab in partnership with the Nudge Unit.

I’ve now returned to clinical medicine in the North East, working part time on the Military Medicine Podcast, another podcast called “Reimagining Defence”, and advising on strategy.