Introduction to the me and the site

  1. Who am I?
  2. Where am I now and where am I going?
  3. What is this site for?

1 I’m James, a military doc with a newfound interest in tech, particularly artificial intelligence (AI). I’ve been a doctor for a few years, and over the last couple of years have got involved in some (perhaps what might be considered conventional) medical research.

2 I got interested in the applications of AI following listening to TED talks. I had no experience of programming so, though intrigued, started off slowly by teaching myself initially how to make a basic app (more of that later). With that completed after a few months, I spent a bit of time looking into AI. I was fairly quickly able to re-analyse my data that had taken months of statistical analysis the previous summer in a matter of seconds. To that end, I made it my mission to spread the word within the medical community.

This site is my admission that we need smarter people than myself working on these projects and getting involved in finding the best ways to utilise AI in healthcare. It will have two main purposes;

a) To act as a collaborative development platform for demonstrating proof of concept AI-powered clinical tools

b) As an educational platform – documenting my progress so that anyone who wants to can learn from my mistakes and fast-track their own progress, and others can join the debate/challenge my thinking


I hope it helps. Please get in touch with any feedback.