Military Medicine Podcast

For the last two years, Matt Kain & I have been interviewing some incredible speakers on medical innovation – hoping to inspire Military personnel with how world-leading innovators are using technology & behavioural science to improve healthcare delivery.

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Episode 14 – Eric Topol, Deep Military Medicine

In the 14th Episode of the Military Medicine Podcast, we interview Dr Eric Topol. A Cardiologist by background, Dr Topol is perhaps best known for his work on the intersection between healthcare and technology – publishing 3 best-selling books on the topic, and also authoring the NHS “Topol review” on digitisation, last year.

Episode 13 – Professor Trish Greenhalgh, Implementing technology in Healthcare

In Episode 13 of the Military Medicine Podcast we interview Professor Trish Greenhalgh, who is a world-leading expert on how to implement technologies in health & social care. Prof Trish shares insights into her work in rolling out telemedicine in the Outer Hebrides, a case study of a failed wearables intervention, and the framework she’s developed from her experiences for implementing technology projects in health & social care.

Episode 12 – The New Director General DMS, Mr Peter Homa

In the 12th episode of the Military Medicine Podcast we interview the new Director General DMS, Mr Peter Homa CBE. Peter offers a fascinating insight into his rise from being a hospital porter to CEO of a Hospital trust, states his four major objectives for his time in the DMS, and outlines his quest to make the DMS the best place to work in Defence.

This episode was kindly guest-edited by Capt Harry Claireaux.

Episode 11 – Insights from Scotland Rugby’s legendary Team Doctor, Dr James Robson MBE

In Episode 11 of the Military Medicine Podcast, we interview Dr James Robson, arguably the most influential Rugby Doctor of all time. A licensed Physiotherapist and GP, Dr Robson has toured as the British & Irish Lions Doctor since 1995, and more recently has become the Chief Medical Officer for the Scotland Rugby team.

In this episode, Dr Robson shares his experiences, including treating a broken neck on the field and missing concussion on live television, and his vision for how the future of rugby medicine will play out – with a role for VR and the growing role of the medical team in optimising human performance.

Episode 10 – Precision Medicine – Dr Daniel Kraft

There aren’t many areas of medical innovation we don’t touch on with the fascinating Dr Daniel Kraft in this episode! Daniel takes us through his thoughts on panomics, 3D printing, wearables, “invisibles”, and his vision for “connected health”, as well as telling us how he looks after his telomeres!

Daniel is a Stanford Medicine Graduate, who then went to the International Space University, and went on to become a flight surgeon on an F15 squadron. He has since become one of the most celebrated medical innovators of our generation, featuring in a multi-million viewed TED talk, and founding the “Exponential Medicine” conference as a part of Singularity University.

Episode 9 – Regenerative Medicine – Dr Wendy Dean

In the 9th episode of the Military Medicine Podcast, Matt interviews Dr Wendy Dean about Regenerative Medicine. Dr Dean is the Senior VP of Program Operations at the Henry Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine. Dr Dean discusses the incredible potential Regenerative medicine, what it means for our soldiers today and in the future, but why we need to be cautious of over-hyping it just yet.

Episode 8 – Compassionate Healthcare Leadership – Stephen Hart, MD of the NHS Leadership Academy

What is the single most important quality of a healthcare leader?
Do clinicians or non-clinicians make better leaders?
Does “Generation Snowflake” require different leadership?

We ask former Marine Officer, and now Managing Director of the NHS Leadership academy, Steve Hart, these questions and more, in episode 8 of the Military Medicine Podcast. Hosted by Flt Lt James Kuht & Surg Lt Matt Kain.

Episode 7 – “Nudging” people to better health – with Hugo Harper

We interview the fascinating Hugo Harper, formerly Head of Health (now Director) at the Nudge Unit. We ask him about some of the 500 Randomised controlled trials the unit has conducted that explore how health behaviours can be “nudged” for the better by behavioural science. Hugo also gives you a framework you can use to make such behavioural science interventions in your day-to-day work and change management.

Episode 6 – The mHealth revolution. First-hand experiences – Lt Col Norman Jones & Dr Dan Leightley

In episode 6 we interview Lt Col Norman Jones & Dr Dan Leightley, who work at Kings Centre for Military Health Research, and have recently developed a healthcare phone app called “InDEx” – which helps ex-service personnel reduce their alcohol consumption. In the podcast, Lt Col Jones & Dan take us through what the app does, how they developed it, and what the broader opportunities and challenges are for developing healthcare apps in the future.

Episode 5 – Tackling Ebola – Major Tom Fletcher

Flight Lieutenant James Kuht & Surgeon Lieutenant Matt Kain bring you the fifth episode of the Military Medicine Podcast, in which we interview the fascinating Major Tom Fletcher – an expert in Viral Haemorrhagic Fevers (VHF’s), such as Ebola. Tom tells us about his experiences treating Ebola patients first hand, how they’d celebrate & hug the survivors on discharge to re-integrate them into society, and which VHF he thinks is even worse than Ebola.

Episode 4 – Mixing Virtual with Reality in Medicine. Professor Bob Stone

Flight Lieutenant James Kuht & Surgeon Lieutenant Matt Kain bring you the fourth episode of the Military Medicine Podcast, in which James interviews Professor Bob Stone on Virtual, Augmented & Mixed reality and their uses in healthcare. What does Bob class as the most over-hyped healthcare use of augmented reality? When does he think mixed reality simulation will be commonplace in medical training? What does he attribute his hair loss to? Listen to the episode to find out more!

Episode 3 – Altitude, Avalanches & Innovation. Surg Cdr Adrian Mellor

Flight Lieutenant James Kuht & Surgeon Lieutenant Matt Kain bring you the third episode of the Military Medicine Podcast, in which James interviews Surgeon Commander Adrian Mellor on altitude and its effects on the body, with a focus on Adrian’s recent innovative work exploring the role of wearable technology in predicting & diagnosing high altitude illnesses.

Episode 2 – MilMedPod @ Med Innovation 2018

Flight Lieutenant James Kuht & Surgeon Lieutenant Matt Kain interview four exciting speakers at the Medical Innovation* 2018.

We ask the Surgeon General whether the Defence Medical Services are still at the cutting edge of medical innovation, interview Colonel Nigel Tai immediately following an augmented-reality telemedicine surgery simulation, hear about the experiences of Surgeon Lt Cdr Will Sharp aboard HMS enterprise rescuing migrants from the Mediterranean, and discuss the innovative repurposing of auto-injectors for delivering Tranexamic acid (TXA)to save lives from trauma with Lt Col Harvey Pynn.

*Medical Innovation is Europe’s leading defence medical conference and exhibition delivered in partnership with the Defence Medical Services. The 2018 event delivered an outstanding speaker programme, and opportunity to see the latest innovations from leading medical companies, and an exclusive showcase of remote diagnostic technology from ‘Expedition Ice Maiden’, the first all-female team to ski coast-to-coast across Antarctica unsupported.

Episode 1 – Innovate Or Die? General Sir Chris Deverell

In the first episode of the Military Medicine Podcast we interview General Sir Chris Deverell, exploring whether Defence (& specifically the Defence Medical Services) needs to innovate, what the barriers are to innovating in defence, and how service personnel can get involved.
Brought to you by James Kuht & Matthew Kain.